Au Revoir

On this day in 2008, Marks in the Margins posted its first blog. Now, ten years later and after almost 1,000 posts, Marks in the Margins is saying goodbye.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I have appreciated knowing there have been a few readers of my remarks.

Marks in the Margin will continue to be online until the next deadline for renewing the server subscription, sometime later this year.

Best wishes to all of you,

Richard Katzev


Linda said...


I am so very sorry you have decided to stop posting. It makes me very sad.

I can only hope that after a break, you will miss posting and take it up again.

Richard Katzev said...


Cheer up. There are lots of fine bloggers on the Web.

No, this is it. I may miss blogging for a short time. But I won't be back.

Keep reading. And why not resume your own blogging? Those you have written have been excellent.


Linda said...

Thank you. I will resume blogging - I think I have to. I feel better when I do it and I feel anxious and uneasy when I don't. I think I need to do it because when I don't, I have this awful feeling of something slipping away from me.

Richard Katzev said...


I am pleased and encourage you.

Try it once again, keep it short, decide if you want to be a critic who analyzes books or a reader who simply enjoys them.

If you like it, continue, if you don't, forget about it. It's not anything you HAVE to do.


cath said...

I was late in discovering Marks in the Margin. Different reasons made I commented rarely.
Still I admire your choice of authors, how you choose to keep paying attention to The Holocaust and your sense of humor. I will remain grateful you pointed me to Pascal Mercier´s Night Train to Lisbon and thus gifted me with an unforgettable reading experience.
Thank you Richard.

Richard Katzev said...


Thank for your note. I am glad you read my blog whenever you could, knowing about the books I read and why I liked them.

I wonder if you have seen the film of Night Train to Lisbon. Here is a link:



Anonymous said...

Thank you Richard. Your American perspective has been greatly enjoyed and your commentary an insight I would not otherwise have been able to have. We should not wait until death to have rest so take your ease and allow yourself some well deserved indulgences (perhaps a few boxes of Turkish Delight?).

Lawrence (New Zealand)

Richard Katzev said...

Thank you Lawrence.

I appreciate your very kind words.

And I had no idea you were one of my readers, let alone that you live in New Zealand.

Best, Richard