A Break

After blogging for over five years, it is time to take an extended break. I’m not sure when I’ll return. In the meantime, thank you for reading and for responding.

Blogging continues to be an unusual experience for me, sometimes surprising, sometimes illuminating. I hope you’ve learned a little something along the way; I certainly have.


Stefanie said...

Portland gloom getting you down? I hope you have a nice break! Is that Alberto Manguel's library?

Richard Katzev said...


Must turn to other matters now.

Svetoslav said...

Sorry to read you are taking a break.Reading your blog was like a music to the soul.Are you coming back or shall i delete you from my favourites? Please do come back

Richard Katzev said...

I appreciate your comment. Yes, I am hoping to be back but when is currently unknown. First, I need to finish a book. Again, thanks for your comment.


elysianfield said...

I'm sorry you are leaving - have just discovered your blog and I am now reading your book - In the Country of Books, Commonplace Books and Other Readings.

I have the same compulsion to deface my books by highlighting, underlining, writing in the margins and between lines, noting page numbers on title pages, and I don't know why. But I keep doing it - writing in little notebooks around the house, copying text in a computer database, you get the picture.

Your book really resonates with me - perhaps my own online commonplace book will calm me down.

Hurry back :)


Richard Katzev said...

You are kind to write. Thank you. I wouldn't call marking your books a defacement. Rather, it's a dialogue with the author, the story, and yourself.

Are you in Hawaii? I'd like to communicate further.


elysianfield said...

Responded by e-mail.

Thank you,


Obat Penyakit Stroke said...

i like your post ^____^

Richard Katzev said...

Thank you very much, Obat.

S. Forrest said...

So impressed with your blog...found it by accident while reading Henri Cole. And while I do hope you return to it someday, I'll read what you do have here.


Richard Katzev said...

Many thanks for your comment. I am hoping to return, as well.