As part of my recent study of Commonplace Books I designed a survey for individuals who responded positively to my request to complete it. I invite you to consider completing it as well. Please send the completed form to me directly at rkatzev@gmail.com.

This survey is designed to learn about your commonplace book, what form it takes, and the role it plays in your reading experiences. Your answers will be of value to me as I try to gauge the nature and extent of commonplacing among contemporary readers. Your response will be kept strictly confidential. Please write me if you have any questions at rkatzev@teleport.com

1. For how many years have you kept a Commonplace Book?

2. In what form do you keep it—written notebook, typed pages, computer document?

3. Approximately what size is the page and how many pages have you collected to date?

4. What are your reasons for keeping a Commonplace Book?

5. What types of materials do you draw upon in selecting passages for your Commonplace Book? Check all that apply:

Fiction (novels & short stories) Quotations
Non-fiction (essays & memoir) Poems
Quotations Periodicals
Others (please specify) Newspapers

6. How often do you review previous entries?

7. Do you annotate the selections added to your Commonplace Book? If so, can please describe your practice?

8. Have you organized or analyzed the contents of your Commonplace Book in any way? If so, please explain.

9. Do you have an electronic version of your Commonplace Book? Yes No

10. As part of my research, I will be performing a statistical analysis of a small number of Commonplace Books. Would you be willing to have yours included in this analysis with assurance of complete confidentially? If so, would you be able to transmit it by e-mail?

11. Please add any further comments about the role of your Commonplace Book in your reading experience.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey. I am very grateful for the information you have provided.